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Revitalizing Performance

Revitalizing scents combine:

Vitamin E extracted from nuts, vegetables and subtle scents of cool peppermint, energy, or glacier

It takes very little time for an aroma to enter the nose and travel to enter the area of the brain that governs memory and emotions.

familiar Scents that help to uplift and energize the mind and body.
Vitamin E: Natural Benefits
LYCRAspaFXTM fabric technology works with a vitamin E extracted from many natural products like soybean, maize, wheat, nuts, vegetables etc.

Vitamin E is known to help promote the healthy appearance of skin and hair. It delivers softening and antioxidant benefits to soothe and smooth. Antioxidants can help protect against free-radicals damaging skin tissues.
The Technology
Microcapsules…the key role

Tiny polymeric spheres acting as containers to hold moisturizers, fragrances, and other body benefits which delivered upon mechanical stretch (lycra fabrics), friction, pressure etc.
Microscopic view of microcapsules bound at fiber surface.
LYCRA® Contribution
LYCRA® works to enhance the performance of microcapsules.

Flexing the fabric, as occurs during normal wearing causes some of the capsules to burst, thereby releasing the benefit ingredients.
Microcapsules containing moisturizers or other active ingredients are attached to the fibers of the fabric
Durability up to 15 Washes
Analytical analysis shows capsules are still present to 15 cycels.

Cold water, hand wash and hang to dry prologs benefits life.
Though they diminish with use, LYCRA spaFX microcapsules may deliver natural vitamin E for up to 15 launderings or until otherwise exhausted. Diminishing with each use, the subtle aromatherapy scent may last up to 15 launderings.
SEM's Confirm Wash/Dry Durability
SUPPLEX® /LYCRA® fabric to 15 washes
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