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All Day Fresh scents are designed to  
neutralize odors  
and combined with  
Aloe Vera natural skin benefits


Freshness in Apparel

silently counteract odors so garment smells fresh during wear.
DeodIFF scent design to help counteract odor
Help reduce the perception of odor  
Help reduce the unpleasantness of odor  
Help lessen the intensity of odor  

All day fresh

Lycra fabrics and garments combined with innovative microencapsulated finishes to change the way that consumers think about apparel.
The Technology


delivering benefits all the day long    
LYCRA® Contribution
LYCRA® works to enhance the performance of microcapsules.

Flexing the fabric, as occurs during normal wearing causes some of the capsules to burst, thereby releasing the benefit ingredients.
Microcapsules containing moisturizers or other active ingredients are attached to the fibers of the fabric.
Durability up to 15 Washes
Analytical analysis shows capsules are still present to 15 cycels.

Cold water, hand wash and hang to dry prologs benefits life.
Though they diminish with use, LYCRA spaFX microcapsules may deliver natural aloe vera for up to 15 launderings or until otherwise exhausted. Diminishing with each use, the subtle, aromatherapy scent may last up to 15 launderings.
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