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Textile can be colored in UV light (upon sunlight exposure) and become Colorless in the absence of UV.

Photochromic textiles provides the garment designer a number of designing opportunities and flexibilities like:

  1. Fabric Dyeing and then garment designing
  2. Fabric overall printing and then garment designing
  3. Garment designing and then screen printing
  4. Using the Photochromic fabrics as main body, trims, patches, linings etc.
Photochromic textiles can have end uses like:
  • Fashion Articles
  • Can be used as UV-Indicators in a particular region
  • Can be integrated with Ultra Violet protective fabrics to add more value the apparel and to deliver more customer satisfaction
UV Warning Apparel:

Photochromic textiles can be as main body fabric, trims, patches, lining to indicate the wearer... the intensity of UV-radiations in the atmosphere.

Such apparel can be used for:
  1. Sportswear
  2. Outdoor work wear
  3. Children wear
So your intelligent textiles warn you about the intensity of UV radiations in the region where you are. Available Colors are:
Photochromic Textiles

PCM Finish - Phase Change Material

This finish enables the textile to intelligently react with the surrounding's temperature changes and to provide a comfortable temperature zone for the wearer.

Such responsive apparel are able to keep the sun-fire away from your body and also interact with the microclimate around the body, in responding to the temperature fluctuations caused by activity levels and in the external environment.

Temperature Shock Absorbing:
  1. When you go to hot from air-conditioned office to outer, your apparel absorbs the sudden sun heat by keep your apparel temperature constant and thus protects your body from sudden heat.
  2. When you go to sudden cold into air-conditioned room from sun-heat, your apparel emits heat slowly to your body, so that your body slowly & slowly adopts this sudden temperature change.
  3. Moisture management finish keeps you cool, dry and comfortable all the time during certain activities.
What is PCM?

PCM materials are encapsulated and are applied onto the textile by some binders and a PCM is a substance having large heat of fusion capable to store large amount heat energy at a certain constant temperature (32ºC, the melting point) when it is changing its state from solid to liquid

and also

Capable to release the stored energy at a certain constant temperature (32ºC, the melting point) when it is changing its state from liquid to solid.

Thus we can refer the PCM materials as Latent Heat Reservoirs.
PCM Finish --- temperature regulation finish

Thermocromic Textiles
The textile that reacts to the changes in temperatures by changing colors and is designed as an indicator of human body temperatures alterations with respect to environmental temperatures and is especially for Kids wear and children wear. The range of colors available is
  1. Orange
  2. Magenta
  3. Green
  4. Blue
  5. Black
At lower temperatures the Thermocromic Textile is coloured, but at higher temperatures normally more than 37oC , the Thermocromic Textile becomes colourless and thus allowing underlying colours to be seen. We have development range in both printed and solid dyed fabrics.
The textiles that intelligently reacts to the changes in temperatures by changing colors

A black color textile that heats up approx. 5C (9F) lower than that of the non-treated black textile and have an approx. 12C (21.6F) lower srrface temperature But also at the same time Provide reliable protection from UV Rays with minimum UPF 30+ in both UV-A and UV-B regions. UV-A rays accelerate the aging of skin and UV-B rays cause skin sunburn which lead to Melanoma. Coldblack textile can be used in applications like outdoor, bike, sportswear, work wear, uniforms, caps etc. Properties of Coldblack are
  1. Less sweating
  2. Higher performance
  3. Greater comfort
  4. Increased endurance
  5. Minimum UPF 30+ both UV-A and UV-B rays
  6. No adverse effect on looks, feel or breathability
Perfect Heat Management with Reliable UV Protection.

Vital Finish
The best combination for anti aging effects

  • Vitamin E
  • Aloe Vera
  • Jojoba Oil

To provide and additional protection for the human skin and the benefits includes as:

1. Protect the skin against premature ageing by vitamins E and F.
2. Skin is moisturizing by natural Aloe Vera gel.
4. The skin becomes soft like silk and moisturized with Jojoba Oil
3. Provides the fabric with a soft and silk-like handle.
4. Improves the feeling and the comfort when wearing the garment.

Vital Finish with Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and Jojoba Oil

One textile. Two treatments. Three functions.

  • Water Repellent Finish on Outside
  • Absorb Perspiration from inside

Three Functions

  1. Dry on Inside
  2. Dry on the Outside
  3. Dry in a Flash


  • Minimizes perspiration marks
  • Stimulates a cooling effect
  • Repels water and stains
  • Enables the skin to breathe
Ensures wear-comfort you can see and feel
3XDRY the feelgood technology

Stain Release with Wicking

  • Easy removal of stains during laundring
  • Fast moisture transportation away from skin
  • Improved drying properties
  • Durable effect even after 15 washes
  • Easy to iron
  • Minimizes wrinkling and keeps garments in shape
Easy Clean & Body Comfort

Silver-based antimicrobials effectively:

  1. Hinder the growth of microbes
  2. Oppose a microbial colonization
  3. Destroy the microorganism
  4. Safety and health profile

Benefits of the Finish

    • Long history of human use in medical applications
    • Very low solubility, therefore low exposure
    • Not carcinogenic, mutagenic or teratogenic
    • Environmentally harmless
    • Non-irritating, non-sensitizing
    • Effective at controlling bacteria
    • Very low risk of bacterial resistance
Antimicrobial Silver Technology

The DMM-technology produces a controlled moisture balance between the garment and skin to keep the body temperature constant at 37C and evaporates moisture both

  . on the skin and
  . on the outside of the textile
    This finish includes the benefits as
  1. Dual Moisture Management for regulation of body climate.
  2. Avoid the risk of Hypothermia or Overheating. Hydrophilic Handle for wear comfort.
  3. Anti Electrostatic effect to prevent the textile from clinging
Dual Moisture Management (DMM)

This finish provides the benefits as
  . Very soft and smooth handle
  . Good rewettability of the finished fabric
  . Antiseptic properties
  . Good sewability
Gingko and Caffeine are known for the
properties as
  . Vitalizing
  . Improve blood circulation
  . Moisture regulating function
GIK Finish (Gingko & Caffeine)

This finish provides the benefits as
  . Particular core soft and voluble handle
  . High surface smoothness
  . Good durability
  . Very good suitable for the softening of cotton/polyester fabrics
Silk Protein is known for the properties as

  . Silky Shine
  . Skin Nurturing
  . Skin Tightening
Skin Protection

Cyclo Fresh
This finish includes the features as
. Permanent Freshness (Built-in)
. Skin friendly due to natural ingredients
. Release fresh Aromas when one gets sweaty
. Able to capture sweat and store the fragrance to be released
1. Provide an effective barrier to unpleasant body smell
2. Sweat is locked away
This finish remains stable up to 20 washes.
Cyclo Fresh with Fragrance Specially for Under Garments

Fragrance Finish
This finish includes the features as
. Pleasant fragrance of Eucalyptus Flower
. Insect Resistance
. Anti Microbial
. Baby Cockroach Resist
. Extra Hand Feel
. This is a Capsulated Finish
Fragrance durability is up to 5 washes while the other features are durable up to 30 washes.
Fragrance Finish with 5 Extra Features

This finish includes the features as
. Avoid Charge Creation upon Rubbing
. Wicking Effects
. Soft Handle
. Improves Fat and Soil Release
. Good Fastness to Washing
. No Impairment of Whiteness
. Negligible Impairment of Shades and Fastness
Durability of this finish is up to 10 washes.

Coolest Comfort
This finish includes the features as
. Wicking Effect
. Wrinkle Free
. Low Shrinkage
. Low Pilling
. Color Bounding
Durability of this finish is up to 20 washes.
Coolest Comfort with 5 Extra Features

A Source of Energy
This finish provides an extra energy to the patients who are suffering from
. Liver and Pancreas-spleen Meridian Disturbance
. Chronic Tired person
. Chronic Arthritis
. Stimulate Blood Circulation
. Reduce the Stress
. Protecting & caring human skin
. Comfortable feeling
Cooling effect on stressed skin
Aloe Vera Finish

Oil & Soil Release
This finish includes the features as
. Oil Release
. Soil Release
. Wrinkle Free
. Low Shrinkage
. Low Pilling
. Color Bounding
This finish remains stable up to 20 washes.
Oil & Soil Release with 4 Extra Features

Acid Resistant (for 30 seconds)
. Water Repellant
. Oil Repellant
. Stain Repellant
. Acid Resist
This finish remains stable up to 10 washes.
Repellant Finish Fabrics

Anti Microbial with Stain Release
This finish includes the features as 
. Anti Microbial
. Low Shrinkage
. Stain Release
. Deodorant
. Low Pilling
. Color Bonding
Durability of Anti Microbial is up to 50 washes while Stain Release stability is up to 20 washes.  
Dual Action-Anti Microbial with Stain Release

Dual Action ( Stain Release with Liquid Repellency )
This finish includes the features as
. Stain and Oil Release
. Water Repellent
. Low Pilling
. Color Bonding
. Wrinkle Free
. Soft Handle
. Low Shrinkage
Durability of this finish is up to 20 washes
Dual Action (Stain Release with Liquid Repellency)

The Built-in Freshness by Active & Fresh Finish
Active & Fresh fabric Finish effectively adsorbs unpleasant smells like
  . tobacco smoke
  . kitchen smells
  . unpleasant body smells
  . Environmental odors
  . Unpleasant body odors caused by bacteria
Active & Fresh finish has some additional advantages as
  . Durable, wash-stable hygiene freshness
  . Excellent wearing properties
  . Excellent wash & wear properties
  . Suitable for colored and white goods
  . Easy to Iron
Active & Fresh Finish

Anti Mosquito
This finish provides effective protection against mosquitoes. Other benefits includes
. Perfumed with lemon grass oil
. Skin Friendly
. Provide best results in Wash Fastness
. Soft Handle
. Low Pilling
Durability of this finish is up to 20 washes.
Anti Mosquito

Control of Micro-organisms Associated with Fabric
This finish challenges the Micro-organisms like
. Bacteria
. Fungi
. Algae and other microbes
And provide safety to the fabric against
. Deterioration
. Defacement
. Ordure
This finish remains stable up to 50 washes.
Antimicrobial Finish

Regeneration of Performance
This finish has the following benefits
. Anti-Bacterial
. Anti-Fungus
. Moisture Management
. Long Lasting
. Worn next to skin
This finish remains stable up to 20 washes.
Antimicrobial with Wicking

Extra Comfort & Cooling / Moisture Management for Highest Comfort
This finish leaves the following effects on the fabric
. Comfortable and Cooler
. Soft Handle & Moisture Transport
. Good Degree Whiteness even at High Temperatures
. High Durability to Washing
. Avoid Post Exercise Chill
. Excellent Sewing Ability
. Increase Elasticity
This finish remains stable up to 20 washes.
Wicking Effect

Vitamin E is a Natural Anti-Oxidant and an Effective Defender Against Radicals
Vitamin E upon textiles imparts some vital benefits to the human beings as
  . Antioxidant
  . Skin protection against free radicals
  . Anti-aging effect
  . Skin moisturizer
During the normal cellular respiration process
  . Free radicals are produced as by-product
  . Free radical cause considerable damage in the cells
  . Repairing of damage again and again
Vitamin E Finish

Mosquito Repellant Finish for Vector Protection on Textiles
This finish provides includes the benefits as
  . Reduces the number of mosquito landings/bites including
   1. Yellow fever mosquito-aedes aegypti
   2. Malaria mosquito-anopheles gambiae
   3. Common mosquito from northern temperature zones of Europe and USA-mosquito plaue
  . Prevents development of house dust mites
  . Protects from carpet beetles
  . Prevents moths infeation
Mosquito Repellant Finish

Sun Protection

This system works by absorbing harmful ultra violet radiations and transmits them to the heat which is harmless to the human beings.

  1. Preferentially absorb the harmful UV-light having wavelengths 300-310nm in UVB region
  2. All wavelengths both in UVA and UVB regions

The other benefits includes as

  • Non-skin irritating/ non skin-sensitizing
  • Compatible with Stain Release finish
  • Inherent light stabilizer
  • Highly effective
  • Fabric stable against UV-radiation
  • Long life durable
Ultra Violet Radiations Absorbing System

BeesWax Finish

  • A distinct smooth surface handle
  • Improvement of the sew ability
  • A pronounced surface glass is achieved in combination with a calendar process.

And natural properties of BeesWax adds

  • Antimicrobial
  • Skin care
Sporting wound healing
BeesWax Finish

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