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Advantages of ActiFresh Finish

Active & Fresh fabric finish effectively adsorbs smells like as
  1. Tobacco smoke
  2. Kitchen smells
  3. Unpleasant body smells
  4. Environmental odors
Development and the growth of bacteria is also prevented in this fabric finish. Unpleasant odor caused e.g. by sweat are thus not possible.
Active & Fresh finish has some additional advantages as
  • Adsorbs unpleasant smells
  • Prevents from bad body-odours caused by bacteria
  • Durable, wash-stable hygiene freshness
  • Excellent wearing properties
  • Excellent wash & wear properties
  • Suitable for colored and white goods
  • Easy to Iron

ActiFresh Finish?

Active Fresh Finish combines

  1. Odor Adsorbing
  2. An effective bacterial protection
  3. Easy to iron properties
in the same fabric having 100% cotton or cotton blends (with more than 50% cotton).
ActiFresh gives not only odor adsorbing properties to the textile, but also a hygiene protection and wash & wear effects in one step

ActiFresh for Odor Free Textiles

Well Known
The ACTIFRESH® stands for an innovative solution for odor-free textiles.

Proven effectiveness
Proved effectiveness of ACTIFRESH® products against body and kitchen odors by re-known and experienced institutes.

Consumer awareness and confidence Increase your customer's confidence and trust by
showing that you care. The ACTIFRESH® quality label is the recognized symbol for freshness and odor protection.
Consumer awareness of the ACTIFRESH® quality seal continues to grow through public relations activities, direct marketing and the efforts of a growing number of licensees who act on this market trend.

Applications at a Glance

Offering maximum wear comfort and well-being

Ensuring lasting protection under the toughest conditions

Providing a cozy atmosphere in homes

Maintaining functional And hygienic properties In all industrial fields.

Enjoying immeasurable fun in the favorite pastime

Establishing an antibacterial protection for all kind of materials.

ActiFresh Perfect for Sports Wear

No unpleasant odors – and always fresh for fun

Sportswear especially tends to develop odors when it is worn under strenuous activities. To ensure top performance, the wearer must feel 100% comfortable in sportswear. Sportswear treated with Sanitized® products have less bacterial growth and – like a deodorant – are protected against the development of unpleasant odors. Freshness and well- being are highly desired among active athletes.

Growth of bacteria on textile fiber

Treated Textile

Sportswear is prevented from growth of bacterial and bad body odors.

Growth of bacteria on textile fiber

Treated Socks

Socks are prevented from growth of bacterial and development of bad body odors.

Growth of bacteria on foam.

Treated Foam

Treated foam inhibit the formation of bacteria & in the show and preventing odors from spreading.

Casual Wear

Greater wearing comfort and well-being

Bacteria attack textiles leading to unpleasant odors. Unprotected textiles noticeably develop more odors every time they are worn.

Garments treated with Sanitized® products inhibit the growth of bacteria in the fabric, thus enhancing the garment's wearing comfort and freshness

Work Wear

Hygiene for work and career apparel

Bacteria, yeasts and fungus attack work- wear textiles and can lead to discoloration and stains. The textile fibers lose their functional properties and take on a disagreeable odor.
Sanitized® products protect the functional properties of the fibers and help extend the service life of the textiles.

Under Wear

Bacteria multiply especially well in a warm, moist climate. Today deodorants are considered indispensable for personal hygiene.
The treatment with Sanitized® products protects textiles just as a deodorant does people. It reduces bacterial growth, thus providing hygienic freshness, especially for garments worn next to the skin.

Socks and Tights
Freshness – right down to one's socks

Socks don't have to smell. As everyone knows, a sock's warm, moist climate is ideal for bacterial growth and the development of odors.
But socks protected with Sanitized® products provide reliable and long-lasting preventing from odors developing.

Deck Chairs

Protection for the next time

Deck chairs have to withstand tough outdoor conditions (moisture and dust). Moisture leads to stains, which are caused by fungus.
Sanitized® additives are integrated into the material during the manufacturing process providing lasting protection against the harmful effects of microbes.

Action of ActiFresh Finish

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