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Modal Fabrics with Performance Features

   1. Anti Creasing
   2. Low Shrinkage
   3. Color Bonding
   4. Wicking Effect

Lenzing Modal®
This is the softest fiber from Beach-Wood with the following features

  • An ideal fiber for body conscious clothing
  • An ultimate sensual feeling next to the skin
  • Fabric remains absorbent, soft & supple after repeated washing
  • Highest level of color-brilliance even after 20 washes

MicroModal® Fiber
MicroModal® is a finest fiber with staple length as long as long-staple cotton with a very fine regularity along its length. Ten thousand meters of this fiber weigh only a single gram.

Hence this extra fine fiber makes the textiles   

  • Exceptionally light as a feather
  • A pleasant feeling of “skin-on -skin”
  • Naturally cosy next to skin 
  • Very good regularity in fabric structure

Lenzing Modal® with Cotton (a perfect blend)
Modal can successfully be blended with cotton for optimum results as

  • More yarn regularity
  • Very good Tone-in Tone dyeing
  • Mercerizable
This is possible because both Lenzing modal® and cotton have similar cross-sections. More over the depth of shade for cotton and Lenzing modal® are same resulting tone-in-tone dyeing. In short Lenzing Modal® and cotton are made for each other.
Softest Fabrics for Softest World

Tencel® fiber having a unique nanofibril structure offers the most desirable properties as

  • Soft as Silk
  • Strong as Polyester
  • Cool as Linen
  • Absorbent as Cotton

Perfect Moisture Management:
Tencel® offers unique moisture transport and guarantee optimum conditions for skin.
Water, most vital for life, is managed uniquely by Tencel®’s properties. Tencel® absorbs excess liquid and has an ability to quickly release it again into the atmosphere.  
Tencel® absorbs moisture into the inside of the fiber. Even at 65% humidity in air, Tencel® still has an unused capacity to absorb moisture.

TENCEL®- The Skin Sensor
Tencel-Fabrics acting as a protective shell

  • Regulates human-body temperature
  • Maintains water balance

Simply, they behave like a Second- Skin for human body.
Combination of smooth fiber surface and excellent moisture creates a positive environment for healthy skin, making Tencel® ideal for anyone with sensitive skins.

Completely Natural Hygiene
With perfect moisture management and high absorption capacity of the fiber, water film cannot be produced on the human skins where bacteria can grow. Hence Tencel- Fabric causes to eliminate the environment for bacterial growth. 
TENCEL- Fabric Properties at a Glance

  • Excellent wicking properties with high moisture absorption rates and capacities.
  • Soft & pleasant feelings to sensitive skins
  • Eliminate environment for bacterial growth
  • Feeling of lightness & excellent wearer comfort at high temperatures. 
Excellent dimensional stability
Excellent Moisture Management
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