Celliant with Drirelease Yarn

Celliant Fiber

Celliant fiber do recycling of energy in the sense by absorbing human body vital energy (energy from Sun also) and acting as a catalyst, reflecting this energy back to human body and thus human body absorbs previously unavailable, recycled energy.

This new energy triggers the biological functions of the body by
  • Increasing the blood flow
  • Increasing oxygen level in the body.
The increased oxygen levels in the body have proved their significance for:
  1. Gives greater energy and faster recovery from exertion
  2. Less muscle fatigue
  3. Relieving pain
  4. Promote quicker healing
  5. Regulating body temperature
  6. Improving sleep quality
  7. Heighten athletic performance
For Diabetics:

Improved body blood circulation and tissue oxygen levels helps them to have a considerable relief against aching feet, leg pain, slowness in wound heeling etc.


drirelease fabrics push water and perspiration to the outside of a garment, releasing it into the air faster than any other performance fabric. Drirelease is a unique blend of synthetic and natural fibers that actually accelerates the water release rate of our fabrics.

A textile that could work with the human body system.

Polypropylene Yarn

Using polypropylene fiber at the inner side of fabric, make your apparel comfortably dry from inside for sportswear like:

  1. Jet Skiing
  2. Ice Skating
  3. Boat Racing
  4. Extreme exertions causing swear perspiration
Polypropylene have 0.05% moisture regain value which is 160 time lower than cotton which is 8% and the fabric is designed in such a way that it can keep the inner side comfortably dry by doing:
  1. The inner polypropylene layer takes moisture (water) from skin
  2. Due to low moisture regain value polypropylene, moisture (water) is moved to the outer wick-able cotton layer
  3. The outer wick-able cotton layer received the moisture (water), and spread it over larger areas to be exposed to the surrounding environment
  4. The larger is the water spreading area at cotton layer, the quicker is the evaporation resulting to quicker drying
Moisture Regain Value:

The amount of moisture an oven-dry fiber will absorb when it is exposed to the atmosphere. usually expressed as percent at 70°F., 65%RH. Typical values are wool, 15%; nylon, 4%; cotton, 8%; polyester, 0.4%; polypropylene, 0.05%

Textile that keep you comfortably dry.

Pre-Consumer Recycled cotton Being a responsible textile manufacturer and to reduce the carbon foot print, we are putting the existing textile material into reuse and thus stepping forward to preserve our precious resources like:
  1. Water resources
  2. Cultivatable Land
  3. Liquid fuel resources
  4. Electricity and power
we are offering: Pre-consumer Recycled Cotton from Spinning waste and the available blends are
  1. 90/10 Cotton/Recycle Cotton
  2. 95/5 Cotton/Recycle Cotton
Pre-consumer Recycled Cotton from scissor waste during cut & sew and the available blends are
  1. 80/20 Cotton/Recycle Cotton
  2. 80/20 Polyester/ Recycle Cotton
  3. 70/20/10 Cotton/Recycle Cotton/Polyester
We are stepping forward to preserve our resources for our Next Generations.

L I N E N Linen is a textile obtained from the fibers of Flax Plant which provide exceptional coolness and freshness even in extreme hot with the following properties:
  1. Highly Absorbent to remove perspiration from skin
  2. Feels cool to touch
  3. Apparel get softer upon more washings
  4. High natural luster
  5. Crispy hand feel
  6. Can absorb 20% moisture without feeling damp
  7. Less clinginess to skin
  8. Durable & strong
  9. Resistant to damage from abrasion
  10. Is one of the few, stronger wet than dry Linen/Cotton can be used in under wear, sleep wear, casual wear, bottoms, tops, shorts and fashion articles.
For Hot Days Exceptional Coolness and Freshness.

Merino wool Merino wool is an active fiber and intelligently reacts to changes in body temperature to keep body warm when you are cold but releasing heat and moisture when you are hot.

Merino Wool Functional Properties

Warmth Merino fiber provides warmth at the fiber.

Anti-static Merino is naturally in tune with the body's bioelectrical fields

Breathability Remove sweat from the skin and releasing it as vapor.

Natural Elasticity The garment stretches with the wearer, but then return to its natural shape.

Handle & Drape Its renowned drape is due to the fineness of the fibers elasticity and resilience.

Odor Reducing Neutral, Scaled Surface of Merino Wool Holds no Appeal for Bacteria.

Softness Marino is much finer than any other wool and feels luxuriously gentle against your skin.

Stain Resist It is static-resistant, it picks up less dust and lint from the air.

Wrinkle Free Each fiber is effectively a coil spring that returns to its natural shape after being bent, giving Merino garments a natural resistance to wrinkles
Softest and finest natural animal fiber.

For 100% cotton feel and offer the benefits as:

    • With polyester embedded in the core of yarn, hairiness is no more a big Challenge
    • Resistance to pilling and abrasion
    • Stability against deformation
    • Moisture absorption and quick drying
    • Low shrinkage without any chemical application
    • Higher burst strength
MVS Yarn

Bamboo Fiber
The yarn produced by the Bamboo Fiber has a lot of features including a few
• High abrasion proof capacity
• Strong durability, stability & tenacity
• Round & smooth surface
• Excellent wet permeability, moisture vapor transmission
• Transmission property
Bamboo Fiber

Thermolite Fiber
There are special hollow fibers which provide extra warmth without the extra weight.
• High Thermal Capacity
• Block Radiant Heat Loss
• Fastest Wicking Action
• Shrink Resistant
• Non-chafing
• Mould & Mildew Resistant
Thermolite Fiber

MTM Hollow Yarn
Specially designed for air creation with these properties
1. Good Stretch & Recovery
2. Excellent Water(Sweat) Absorbency
3. Warmth
4. Bulky Fluid Handle
5. Good Softness
6. Light Weight
7. Good Drape
This yarn has been specially designed in MTM.
MTM Hollow Yarn

Pi-Ray Fiber
Features include the following
• Anti-bacterial
• Anti-fungus
• Anti-static
• Deodorizing
• Fire Retardant
• UV Block
• Extra Oil Release
• Protects Against Dust Mite
• Self Moisturing
Pi-Ray Fiber

Organic Cotton
Characteristics of this Cotton includes as
• Eco-friendly to Human Body
• Soft Handle
• Very Good Dyebility
• Natural Look
While its growing, Organic Cotton involves
1. No fertilizers usage
2. Pesticides Free and Other chemicals
Hence the Organic Cotton production leaves no environmental impacts.
Organic Cotton

CoolMax Fiber
This scallop oval shape fiber keeps wearer Cool & Dry for maximum comfort and performance by DuPont with the features as

• Exceptional Moisture Transport & Evaporation Properties
• Quick moisture movement due to 4-channel fibers from skin
• Extra Soft & Comfort
• Supporting body natural cooling system
• Superior Breathability
• Durable & Easy to Care
CoolMax Fiber

T-400 Fiber
A Self-Crimping, multi-component fiber with two different shrinkages by Dupont with the following features 

• Relaxed Stretch & Lasting Recovery
• Excellent Fabric Stability
• High Tear & Tensile Strength
• Wrinkle Resistant
• Smooth Fabric Appearance
• Soft Handle
• Excellent Wash Fastness
• Fade Resistant & Look Fresher
T-400 Fiber

Coomax freshFX

Odor Shied Antimicrobial Protection by means of Silver Ions embedded in Six-channel fiber which is designed to quickly move the moisture away by wicking.

1. Feel fresh
2. Get rid of bad body odors
3. Effective against both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria
4. Cool, dry and comfortable

The active ingredients are spun directly into the fiber with a slow ion-release mechanism, so the antimicrobial protection can be expected to remain over the life of garment.

Bacteriostatic effectiveness and durability of Silver-Ions

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