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Anti Microbial Protection

A latest fabric finishing technique that restricts the growth of Bacteria and other micro organism while the garment is worn. It provides added advantages of keeping the garments cleaner and fresher for a longer time. Masood is applying this technique to its core programs which run at very large scale throughout the year.

Performance Fabric

The recent trend in apparel world that demands performance of garments in terms of shrinkage, color bonding and pilling. Masood got the right equipment along with accurate recipe which guarantee that our garments deliver the desired results.

MTM can offer you the utmost in flexibility when it comes to your Performance Fabrics needs. MTM supply chain management gives the advantage of producing knit fabrics through cooperation with established yarn, knitting, and finishing vendors.

Through our partnership with cutting edge fiber manufacturers such as Coolmax, MTM has succeeded in developing Performance Fabrics that exhibit such characteristics as moisture transport and wicking action.
Performance fabrics are available in multiple constructions:

♦ Pique
♦ Jersey
♦ Rib
♦ Fleece

Low Shrinkage

A performance feature that demonstrate as low as 2% x 2% (LXW) shrinkage up to 20 washes. Practically this feature provides longer life to the garment.

Color Bonding

Performance garments exibit excellent color fastness to washing. Even wash after wash, the garments show the same freshness by retaining their dyes and chemical properties.

Low Pilling

One of the draw back which comes over the period of time from washing is pilling. Application of anti pilling agent and different softeners on performance fabrics have absolutely nullify the occurrence of pilling even after 20 washes.

Wicking Effect

This is a chemical treatment to the fabric and garment which creates an extra ordinary absorbency of water and perspiration. Performance fabric with this effect can absorb the water with in 0-60 second time.


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