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Textile industry has talked about nano-technology for several years. The media has already reported a lot about this technology. Nano-technology has been optimized by the Economists, Politicians and the financial community due to its innovational power and researchers are considering it as the key technology of 21st century. But the considerable point is to know hidden about nano-technology?
The "nano" prefix drives from the Greek word "nanos", which means dwarf. Nano stands for a unit of measurement and marks the billionth part of a metre. Nano-technology is not a new technology, but rather describes a new way of looking at existing technologies.
Nano-technology is about the performance increase of technical, economical and ecological parameters with known products and processes; on the other hand it is about new products and applications which derive from the improvement of existing technologies.
In the past few years the following main fields of applications have emerged:
Nano-electronics, nano-optics, nano-production, nano-biotechnology, nano-analystics, nano-chemistry.
Nano-technology deals with surface structures, of at least one decisive dimension are measured in nanometer. These are products which have already been used for years, such as colloidal silica solutions.
Wash & wear
mTm-Wash & wear
Formation of nano-functional resin spot within roughage fiber enables the elimination of fiber swelling whilst the hydrophilic possessions of the textile are maintained
Wash & wear

Quick dry
mTm-Quick dry
Contains active substances which comes together in nano-rang. These crystals act as a liquid-conducting layer on the fiber
Quick dry

Antislip & anti-soil
mTm-Antislip & anti-soil
Special colloidal silica elucidation in nano-range increases the fiber/fiber roughness values and also anti-snagging behavior with filament fiber substrates
Antislip & anti-soil

Climate & Skin care
mTm-Climate & Skin care
Underwear can be made functional by moisturising, skin-revitalizing hydregel nano-particles. Static charging is avoided and a pleasant fabric handle is developed.
Climate & Skin care

Causes the formation of nano gel layers which can be hydrated. The creation of swollen layers during textile laundry can counteract pilling or snagging.

The slip of yarns is extremely improved by self-orienting, wash-permanent nano wax particles.

mTm-Comfort factor
A new nano-emulsion enables the penetration into the fibers. The submolecular orientation of the silicone polymer,
Comfort factor

Antistatic and anti-electric smog
mTm-Antistatic and anti-electric smog
Forms conductive layers. Smallest quantities of water from the surrounding build up an electrically conductive phase on the surface.
Antistatic and anti-electric smog

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