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When you are busy in your daily routines, be concentrate at your work without worrying about being wet and stains at your clothes. We are introducing a textiles that is capable to wick out the sweat and moisture from your clothes quickly for cool, dry & wear comfort and also provides neat and clean fabric surface after home laundering for the stains & substitutions that have been added during daily activities

Stain Release & Moisture Wicking

A textile can take moisture from perspiration, atmosphere or from water based stains like ketchup, mustard,
mayonnaise etc. which feels uncomfortable and irritant. Wicking properties of the fabric enables the clothes to
be dried quickly and thus imparts the wearer a comfortable feel. On the other hand, the stains whether they are
oil-based or dried-stain, can be easily washed out by home laundry by the stain-release properties of the fabric.

Performance Features
  • Easy removal of stains during laundry
  • Fast moisture transportation away from skin
  • Improved drying properties
  • Durable effect-even after multiple washes
  • Easy to iron
  • Minimizes wrinkling and keeps garments in shape.

Testing Results with their Methods

Absorbency (AATCC 79-2000) within 5 Seconds
Wicking Height Test After 10 Minutes     10 Cm
Stain Release Testing according to (AATCC 130) Method
Corn Oil
Initial Rating 4
After 5 Washes 3/4
After 10 Washes 3/4

An advanced development providing an effective protection against Stain and Spills.

What is Dual Action? Dual Action has brought a new revolution in the textile industry by providing both the liquid Repellency and Stain Release features at the same fabric. The liquid repellency component makes oily and watery spills to bead up so that they can be easily wiped away from the fabric and thus making the fabric unable to absorb liquids. The stain release component provides an easy for most of the stains which appear on the fabric by its daily usage to come out by home laundry.
Dual Action protection is highly durable and is designed to stand up through repeated washes without effecting the hand feel and natural look of the fabric.


Let us make the difference:
Fabric without liquid repellent finish Fabric with liquid repellent finish Fabric without stain release treatment Fabric with stain release treatment
Special Features: Additional Features
Water Repellent Low Shrinkage
Stain Release Wrinkle Free
Oil Release Low Pilling
  Color Bounding

Durability of this finish is up to 20 washes.

Special Features:

Care Labels:
Not compatible with all the softeners
Machine warm wash
Due to chemical reaction, color of the fabric may be changed
Warm iron s
Unachievable of full white
Tumble dry
Cannot re-dye after finishing
Do not bleach
  • Wash with like color fabrics
  • Do not use softener


    A new revolution in the textile industry by providing Anti Microbial with Stain Release in the same fabric.

    Anti Microbial with Stain Release under the umbrella of Dual Action provides a double protection for the fabric i.e protection against bacteria and other microbes and also at the same time an effective protection against the Stains. The anti microbial component has an ability to penetrate and destroy the bacteria like Salmonella, Listeria, Campylobacter, Staphylococcus Aureus, Streptococcus and also many other environmental bacteria. This component also protects the fabric against Mould, Fungi and Yeasts. The stain release component helps to keep away the stains from the fabric by home laundry process.


    Bacteria Cell

    Animal Cell

    Stain Release

    Point to be considered:

    Anti Microbial ingredients can easily penetrate into thin walled bacteria cell and destroy its ability to function, its growth and reproduction. On the other hand they are easily reflected by thick walled animal cells. Its means, antimicrobial component causes no side-effects for the human skins.

    Special Features: Additional Features
    Stain Release Deodorant
    Oil Release Soft Handle
    Anti Bacterial Color Bounding
    Anti Fungus Low Pilling

    Anti Microbial remain stable up to 30 washes while the Stain Release features stability is up to 20 washes.

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