D R Y Inside
your sportswear do it by itself

Fabric Engineering

The inner surface of the fabric absorbs moisture from the skin and moves it to the outer surface where the wickable cotton layer receives that moisture and spread it over larger surface area to be exposed to the surroundings where it can be evaporated rather quickly. And also helps to regulate the human body's temperature.

In the Extreme…. no problem

The water merely run-off the surface of the garment when the garment gets saturated with (rain) water and cannot be transferred to the skin of the wearer.

Take the Wet Test

  • Soak the fabric in water
  • Wring out the excess water
  • Feel both sides

…..Inner side will be comfortably dry!

Water has been wicked to the outer cotton layer.

Even in the Worst


Comfortably Dry


When you get caught in Extreme

Wicking moisture away from the skin to the outer layer where it can evaporate.

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