CoolMax is …

…an advanced fabric concept made of Invista's engineered fibers

  • Hydrophobic in nature but picks or absorbs/adsorbs moisture

(hydrophobic fabrics raise temperature of air near the skin which may or may dot be desirable. On the other hand hydrophilic fabrics may feel more comfortable initially but after a few minutes, may feel sticky and clingy)

  • Dries faster – five times faster than cotton

(faster than poly-propylene, nylon, acrylic, wool etc)

  • Large surface area for air permeability and porosity (Breathability)


CoolMax speeds sweat away from skin to the outer surface so that you stay dry and comfortable and can perform at your best.

The fiber structure of Coolmax® freshFX™ have a six-channel cross-section designed to move moisture by wicking.

Therefore it can be counted as both a Coolmax qualifying yarn and a Coolmax® freshFX™ qualifying yarn.

CoolMax keeps wearer
Cool and Dry

comfort + performance

Superior Breathability
more void between fibers


  • CoolMax fabrics provide exceptional moisture transport and evaporation properties.
  • The use of 4-channel fibers of scallop oval shape moves moisture quickly away form skin.
  • It is breathable, soft, durable, and easy care.

Absorbs Virtually no water
Hydrophobic Fiber

Garment made of CoolMax supports the body's natural cooling system

In Brief, CoolMax …

  • Wicks away perspiration 4-channel fiber
  • Absorbs virtually no moisture
  • Hydrophobic fiber
  • Accelerates evaporation from fabric 20% more surface area
  • Extra soft & comfort 1.4 Denier fine fiber

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